A Closer look at SEO Myths

Search engine optimization has been around for a long time now. The internet is growing incredibly fast and search engines are advancing at a rapid pace which is why SEO has become so popular. The past few years have seen a significant evolution in the art of ranking in the SERPs, or SEO as it is also known. And when something grows huge, there is a lot of misinformation floating around that you should aware of. Many of the stories associated with SEO appear to be quite real and frightening, but they are nothing more than myths. This article will cover some of these stories and prove them wrong.

The idea that you need to register your URL with the search engines is one of these myths that is quite common. Search engines are becoming more and more advanced as the internet expands faster every day. Thus, if you want your URL to appear in the search engines you are no longer required to submit it manually. Since sites are visited by search engine spiders all the time the fastest way to make sure your site gets indexed is to list your URL on popular forums and a few Web 2.0 sites which are crawled by bots regularly. Submitting your URL to the search engines could even lead to the whole process taking a lot longer, which you want to avoid at all costs. So the best option is to get your website listed with a few popular sites and you'll see it getting indexed in no time.

Use of the words in your Meta tag is not required on that particular page. Many SEO professionals still believe in this myth and even teach people about it. These keyword tags are meant to be used to find words that don't already appear on the page. While these tags may be useful for other functions, they are not counted for ranking purposes.

Some people have the mistaken idea that they can ignore SEO because they don't market through the search engines at here all. This is actually a wrong thinking, especially nowadays when the Internet has grown so huge with hundreds of millions of users logging to it every day. Try doing a search for any keywords in your niche and you'll get an idea of how well the search engines cover a market. No matter what niche you're in, you have to consider the many millions of people who search on Google and other search engines every day as potential visitors and customers. Overall, the best way to stay away from such myths is to stay well informed. It's worthwhile to take note of where you are hearing statements and beliefs that are not true so you can be more careful in the future. If you verify your facts before taking action on them, you can save yourself time and frustration.

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